General FAQ

How does a AAC choose a Class for the Mentor Team to Adopt?

The AAC staff will assist in identifying the classroom that is the best for your organization. Community partners are generally paired with a school that is located near the place of business or convenient to the members of an organization. The objective of partnership matching is meeting the interests, needs and resources of the organization and the school. If a business/organization has a specific school or teacher in mind, the match can be explored.

I have a small business; how can I help?

Many small businesses have successful partnerships with schools. The key is to know your limitations going into the relationship and committing to attainable activities that support student achievement. Many activities don’t require an inordinate amount of time or, if time intensive, don’t require many people. Other activities may require time, but don’t necessarily require many people. While the program asks for a commitment of one hour per month for the school year, there are no requirements on the number of employees participating. Some partners Skype to stay in touch with their class. Employees who might not otherwise be able to leave work to volunteer are often able to host students at their office and provide them with a unique exposure to the business world. We have had Teams as small as 1, 2 and 3 adopt a class.

Do we have to renew our partnerships? How often?

In the spring of each school year, each Mentor Team will be contacted by a member of the AAC Program Committee to verify that the business/organization wants to continue the partnership for the next school year and to confirm who the AAC team liaison for that business is. Notification of any changes will be sent to the school and the business/organization.

Recommitments prevent class partnerships from becoming inactive with time, provide opportunities to strengthen relationships, and encourage additional employees to join the Team or to start an additional Team. Recommitments provide the school and AAC with the most up-to-date partner contact information and offer insight into which schools are in the greatest need of more mentors.

Is there a minimum financial investment for Mentor Teams?

There is no cost associated with becoming a Mentor Team through AAC. Financial and in-kind donations are made at the discretion of the community partner. AAC is an independent, local nonprofit and continues to exist through the generosity of our donors and sponsors. It costs approximately $500 a year to maintain each classroom partnership. We encourage our business partners to consider sponsorship of their adopted classrooms.

How long do partnerships last?

Most partnerships continue for as long as the relationship is beneficial and effective for all involved. AAC has relationships that have been in place for a decade. Mentor Teams stay with their assigned teacher year after year, fostering a sustained partnership and appreciation for each partner’s needs.

Is there a bad time of year to enter into a partnership?

No. In fact, partnerships that begin late in the school year get the advantage of a “test drive” before planning their activities for the next year.

Are there any suggested activities to do with the class?

Yes!  AAC has many age-appropriate, grade level specific, and themed activities on our website, available under the mentor login.

How much time will I spend in the classroom?

Unless otherwise specified, your teacher and class expect to have about one hour of time with you.