What We Do

Program Overview:

  • Mentors work as a team, visiting their classroom partner for at least 1 hour a month
  • AAC provides training, materials, and ongoing support to mentors and teachers
  • Interactions are flexible & meet the individual needs of your business and classroom
  • AAC provides downloadable-themed-activities
  • AAC helps businesses report results of volunteer community service hours & impact

AAC Mentor’s interactions with their adopted class through monthly visits, planned activities, and pen-pal letters, help mentees build communication skills, foster curiosity about the people and things around the mentees, and open doors for mentees to discover new things.



Over 6,800 students served in 26 different schools in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


Nearly 5,000 volunteers


18,400 volunteer hours

99% of mentors would recommend Adopt A Class to another company


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