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Adopter Brings Changes to Norwood View

Miller Valentine Group, one of the many wonderful Adopter teams here at Adopt A Class, is going above all expectations. Aside from showing up in their adopted 5th grade classroom each month with a lesson for their mentees, Miller Valentine has made leaving an impact on their students a priority. How do they plan to do this? Give Norwood View’s playground a complete make-over.

Norwood View Elementary is in the midst of its centennial celebration. As we all know, things tend to wear down after 100 years. Even though the playground sees changes and updates every few years, there are still needs to be addressed. Miller Valentine realizes this and is taking action. Through meeting with their adopted class and school administration, Miller Valentine’s Adopter team identified those needs, and is going to work on the make-over.

The way the Adopter team is keeping their class involved throughout every step of the plan. The plan involves five phases, planning, budgeting, estimating, marketing and execution. Each phase is presented to the class and allows each team member to showcase their skills and experiences, all the while exposing the students to different potential careers along the way.

Construction for the playground began March 28th, and will continue throughout the month of April, culminating in a reveal party to take place May 5th.

The playground is a great benefit to the students and community of Norwood and comes at no cost to Norwood View Elementary.


Be sure to check back for more information about the construction!


Is your team going above and beyond expectations to make a change? Be sure to let us know!


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